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Downward Facing Dog

Rescuing and Rehoming Stray Dogs Worldwide

SOLUTION: Sterilization and cultural education to Stop the vicious cycle of reproduction!

"The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Gandhi

"They never left my mind, I never crossed theirs"

Downward Facing Dog

Age: 2 Year Old
Sex : Male
Chimmu is a sweet one-year-old, submissive, loyal, and ready to please his new family.

Downward Facing Dog

Mammy (Chikki)
Age: 5 Years Old
Sex: Female
Chikki had a difficult life on the streets of India, fighting with monkeys and other dogs in hostile environments in order to survive with her puppies.

Downward Facing Dog

Struggle to Existence

We need Veterinarians to volunteer their time by offering spaying and neutering services ASAP! The innocent creatures struggle to survive right from the time they are born on the sidewalk or wherever their Mammy happens to have given birth. From day one, the little pups encounter hostility from the majority of people who are afraid of street dogs.

The puppies that succumb to wounds end up dead on the streets. They are either hit by cars or by people throwing rocks at them or bouncing them off high stairs to kill them immediately.

A Forever Home

Our team rescues every puppy and Mammy that they come across and transports them to the States. The pets at Downward Facing Dog are rehabilitated social doggies by Expert Certified Animal Behavior Clyde Taylor and staff. We provide pets with the best medical and emotional attention needed. Also, special care is given to the pets to restore them from their trauma. Be assured they will be placed with caring people in a happy home.

Downward Facing Dog

"Be the Change That You Wish to See in the World"