About Us

Psychologist Morella Bombardini is the founder of Downward Facing Dog. She is a volunteer determined to rescue puppies and their mothers, and is extremely passionate about it. Downward Facing Dog Rejoices when our puppies get into the right home and are happy and safe from the harsh environment.

Making A Difference

Through my experience with the Santa Cruz Humane Society, I've learned the importance of responsibility and the power of kindness in making a difference. It's truly heartening to see the impact we can have on the lives of these animals in need.


Saving One Dog At a Time

Nikku's First Navy Game in His Caring Forever Home! "in a Gentle Way, You Can Help Shake the World"

Downward Dog is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping dogs in crisis situations. Our mission is to provide support through fly volunteering, donations, and sending essential supplies to address the needs of dogs facing challenges, particularly in the context of the India-US connection.

Contact us to get more information on how you can help.

Downward Facing Dog
A girl in a navy uniform sitting on the grass with a dog.